The Children's Collabrium

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Futures in Management Institutes

Futures in Management Institutes (FIMIs) are an outgrowth of the work, which The Children's Collabrium began through the state-funded Regional Resource Centers.

Each day-long institute is intended to bolster the knowledge and competence of attendees, generally directors and/or owners of early care and education programs, in one of six business areas
  • human resources
  • fiscal management
  • fund development
  • marketing
  • community relations, and
  • leadership and governance.
Each Institute is held in a local community alleviating the need for participants to travel long distances and may accommodate up to 150 individuals.

The content for the day is developed by The Children's Collabrium in consultation with local entities (i.e., the local R&R program, the local First 5 Commission staff, AEYC groups and others) knowledgeable about the needs of local program administrators.

The format for each day may include a keynote speaker, panel discussions, and/or large and small group sessions. Over the course of the day, attendees develop an action plan, which identifies concrete steps each will take to adopt information, techniques and other practices learned during the day.

For more information about upcoming FIMIs, please visit our Upcoming Events page. To learn more about co-sponsoring a FIMI in your community, please contact us.

Staff of the Children's Collabrium is available to provide individual consulting on business and operations management. For more information and/or a fee schedule, please contact Gary Kinley.